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  1. We start this Jellycat Adventure at Out of the Blue with Fabian Frog Prince talking to Bun Bun.

    Jellycat Fabian Frog Prince

    Fabian is explaining that this week in the Great Big Green Week and that he has lots to organise.

    Bun Bun offers to help and makes his way around the shop.  Unfortunately his idea of what a Great Big Green week is, is different to Fabians.

    Jellycat Amuseable Advocado, Little Frog, Ricky Rain Frog and Sage Dragon

    Bun Bun comes across all of his Green Jellycat Friends and gets them to pose together as it is The Big Green Week!

    Green Eco Chic

    Next Bun Bun finds all of the green Eco Chic Products from shopping bags, backpacks to lunch bags.

    Green Sock Society Socks

    Green Socks was the name of the game at the Sock Society Stand with some gorgeous green designs.

    Wrendale Designs Water Bottles

    Bun Bun couldn't resist taking a look at the green Wrendale Designs Water Bottles.

    Lilau Ducks - Turtle, Dino & Incredible Hulk

    Bun Bun got super excited with his green finds on the Lilau Rubber Duck stand with a Dino, Turtle and the Incredible Hulk himself.

    Jellycat Large Truffles Sheep

    It was only when Bun Bun made his way back to the Jellycats that Truffles Sheep said that he thinks that he is a bit confused about Green Week.  Truffles explained that it's not just things that are the colour green but how to be green through recycling and reusing items to help the planet.

    Bun Bun went away to think this over.

    How are you doing your bit for the Great Big Green Week this year and beyond?

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