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  1. Wrendale Designs 2020 range of Calendars available here!

    At Out of the Blue we have been the proud stockists of Wrendale Designs for many years now with a large range of their products and we are always really excited when something new arrives.

    This time the new arrival is the dated range of Wrendale Designs 2020 range ofWrendale Designs 2020 Slim Calendar Calendars, which make the perfect gift for her, for him and for you to keep you organised in 2020.

    This range has expanded over time and there are now 3 types of slim calendar, an A3 landscape calendar and a large family organiser with all of them printed on sustainably sourced textured board and made in Britain.

    2020 Slim calendars

    Wrendale Designs A Dogs Life 2020 Slim CalendarEach slim Calendar has a different illustration for each month and have a small hook for hanging.  There is a line for each day of the month for important things to remember and key dates throughout including Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas to name but a few.  They are also the ideal size for fitting into small places being long and slim.

    Within the slim calendar range we first have the classic Country Set 2020 Slim Calendar, which showcases the beautiful and quirky designs from Wrendale Designs Country Set greetings card collection with artwork by Hannah Dale.

    Secondly we have the A Dog’s Life 2020 Slim Calendar featuring our furry friendsWrendale Designs Couples 2020 Slim Calendar portrayed by Hannah Dale from Wrendale’s Dog collection of cards.

    Thirdly we have a Calendar that is brand new for this year, which is the Yours and Mine Couples Calendar for 2020, which showcases 12 lovely couple illustrations.  As this Calendar is made for 2, each month has a faint line down the middle of each line so that each person has the room to write in their own important dates.  A must have calendar for any couple!

    2020 Landscape Calendar

    Wrendale Designs Country Set 2020 Landscape Calendar

    There is only one type of Wrendale Designs 2020 Landscape Calendar and what a calendar it is!  This larger format calendar is inspired by the British countryside and features 12 bestselling designs from the Country Set range of greeting cards.

    When opened up this Landscape Calendar is A3 in size with a nice sized box for each day of the month to fill in important dates and events to remember for 2020.  Next to the large image at the top there is room for Don’t Forgets and Notes.  Just like the slim calendars there are also key dates throughout the year.

    If you have the space and love the Country Set range of cards then this 2020 Calendar is for you!

    2020 Family Organiser

    Lastly we have the Wrendale Designs 2020 Family Organiser Calendar.  I am afraid this is not available to buy from our website due to the cost of postage but is available to buy in our shop in Totnes, Devon.Wrendale Designs 2020 Family Organiser Calendar

    This ultimate Family Organiser Calendar for 2020 is a must have for a busy family of up to five people with five columns available in each month.  Featuring stunning artwork once again this large calendar is perfect for keeping the whole family organised in 2020.

    For our full range of Wrendale Designs Dated Products for 2020 please click here!