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  1. I hope you are Safe and Well!  With Face Coverings now being a requirement and becoming part of our new normal, Eco Chic have now expanded their range of Face Covers to include a mini range for children.  (Please be aware that Face Coverings should not be used by children under the age of 3 or those who may find them difficult to handle correctly).

    Mini Eco Chic Reusable Face Covering - Rainbow

    For those children who do wish to wear face masks and look just like mum and dad then we are proud to say that we are stockists of the Eco Chic Mini Reusable Face Coverings range as well as the adult versions.  These coverings are available in 4 of Eco Chic’s best-selling designs and have a polyester exterior with a soft gentle to the face cotton interior.

    Mini Eco Chic Reusable Face Covering - Grey Sheep      Mini Eco Chic Reusable Face Covering - Cats

    These mini reusable face covers for children are just like the adult versions so they are comfortable, durable and reduce the need for disposable face masks as it can be used again and again and is machine washable but just in a smaller size.

    Each one is designed to fit snugly over the mouth and nose. It is s secured with two adjustable ear loops, giving a secure fit and prevents droplets when coughing or sneezing from entering the environment.  Each covering is also equipped with internal pockets to hold additional filters if you wanted to fit them (not included).

    Eco Chic Reusable Face Covering - Mini Blue Bee in pouch

    Eco Chic Mini Face Coverings come in a Zip-top safety pack, which ensures that when you purchase the product it is clean and uninfected.  It also means that it can be put away safely when not in use for handy storage in a pocket or bag.

    These Children's Face Coverings are £4.99 each and are on full display in our shop in Totnes right next to the counter or you can order them online here.  Please click here to view our full range!

    Stay Safe!